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Deucez Announces Working on EP, Free Sample Pack and More!

I am proud to announce that I am working on my first debut EP. I have released multiple singles in the past but putting all of my feelings and certain vibes into an EP is not only exciting for me but also allows me to stick to a certain theme. The EP will consist mainly of entrancing spooky melodies brought into spacey build ups which leads into some heavy drops.

I am also proud to announce that I will be working on the next sample pack which will include:

- Kicks, Claps, Snares, Hi-Hat Loops, Percussion

- One Shot Basses

- Bass Loops (With/Without Sidechain)

- Sub Bass (Key Labeled)

- Vocals (Pre-Drop and Chant)

(All samples will be exported to .WAV at 48000HZ)

There will be a free taste-tester version of the sample pack along with the full version that I will be setting a fair price on. My goal for setting a price for the pack is to not allow for everyone to have these samples. Why? Because everyone having the same exact sound doesn't give room for much creativity.

I'm very excited to announce that I am back on YouTube! This will bring new production tutorials, free presets, free samples and a chance for the community (you) to take part in my videos!

Thank you guys so much for the continued support! - Deucez

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